Understanding the Plotting

The Plotting is used to handle the data plot windows containing qwt plots and streaming data into them.

1. CGuiMain

plot controller and experiment controller are created. SIGNALs and SLOTs to e.g. CPlotController::CreateWindow() are established. In the Idle() method, the controllers' Idle() methods are called.

2. CPlotController

Administration of the plot windows configuration for the current ParadigmType in "GUI/PLOTTING/[PARADIGMTYPE]/PLOTWIN[N]" SetConfiguration: creation and showing of CPlotWindow's with given configuration AddPlotGenerator: Hand a new plot generator over to the controller. Data produced by the generator can now be displayed in each plot window. Data identification via m_poDataKeys. Data in m_mapChannelData.CPlotDataHandle Classes identification via m_lstDisplayClasses.

3. CExperimentController

CExperimentController::MakeEyeposPlots Create a CADaqPlotGenerator that receives all eye position data recorded in the course of the given trial and turns it into plot data which can be displayed in a plot window. Push the generator to the plot controller. CExperimentController::MakeAnalogPlots similar (CADaqPlotGenerator) CExperimentController::MakeRasterPlots similar, but create and register CDDaqPlotGenerator as receiver for the trial's recorded data at CDaqFacade CExperimentController::MakeHistograms similar, but create and register CDDaqHistogramGenerator as receiver for the trial's recorded data at CDaqFacade

4. CQwtPlot

holds CPlotDataChannels for each registered channel to be plotted Handles curves: add, delete, clear, setNumberOfCurves etc. MakeDataChannel: create CHistogramDataChannel or CPlotDataChannel (both in CPlotDataChannel.cpp)

5. CPlotDataChannel

CPlotDataChannel::InitLooks(): actual visual properties of the plots DoAddCurve: add curve data as new QwtPlotCurve and attach it to the plot