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  * The Moving Point paradigm should have a pursuit adaptation feature like in former purs_adapt program.
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  * a small copy of the stimulus window would be very helpful

Any Suggestions?

Feel free to edit this page and add your suggestions.

  • Paradigms
    • add counter for maximum repetition of conditions in Saccades, MovingPoint, SaccadeAdaptation

  • User Interface
    • a small copy of the stimulus window would be very helpful
    • In the main window it would be nice, if the number of valid trials for every trial class would be displayed separately.
    • A manual horizontal and vertical scaling option for the data plot window would be nice.
  • Storage and other basic user features
    • A protocol mechanism that forces the user to enter some data which is together with the experiment configurations used stored into a protocol file before the program can be started would be useful.
  • Controllers and Conditions
  • Data Acquisition
    • A fixation control for two additional analog input channels ("second eye") is needed. These channels need a seperate set of calibration coefficients that can be stored in the registry.
  • Lo-Level nrec features
  • Advanced Features
    • Please add the possibility that a user can create his own paradigm by selecting a set of primitives, controllers and so on.

Additionally, you can get into contact by mail:



  • The data filename should not be changeable during a running experiment.
  • The "Load Experiment" menu item should be deactivated when an experiment is running.
  • A button for deactivating Fixctrl is missing.
  • The Parameters should be hideable, so that the not needed or in the paradigm overwritten ones can be made invisible.
  • It is annoying, that the parameter tree is resetted to full view whenever a parameter is changed.
  • Data File size could be decreased by the possibility to define a Din Channel Mask in the registry.
  • The Moving Point paradigm should have a parameter to choose, if the starting position is defined automatically or manually via additional parameters.
  • The Moving Point paradigm has to be extended by a cueing mode in which the startpoint and direction can be cued by an arrow or a point. The probability of the 4 cue-conditions (p invalid/valid, v invalid/valid) must be settable individually by parameters. Cues' type, start-/stoptime and eccentricity factor must be settable by parameters, their direction (arrow) and location are defined by the selected cue-condition.
  • A ShowOnAIn controller similar to the CPrimitiveControllerShowOnDIn which checks, if any of a given channel set is over some threshold is needed (see CFlowCondAIn).
  • The CFlowCondAIn condition should be able to send different actions dependent on the detected channel.
  • We need a digital out trigger that goes HI when the experiment is started and LO when finished.
  • Extension of the move-controller to circular movement: radius, center, velocity
  • A reward condition should be added to the Moving Point paradigm.
  • Landolt-C primitive. 07/2008
  • Paradigm Saccades: Now parameter to optionally set the startpoint to the center instead of being one of the grid-points. 07/2008
  • Primitive Arrow and Primitive Rectangle: better Antialiasing. 07/2008

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